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What you should consider if you want to have sex regularly

Having intercourse regularly has health benefits, however to engage in regular activities devoid of getting infected, they are certain things that needs to be put into consideration.

According to Healthline, if you have intercourse daily, you wil want to consider these potential personal setbacks:

1. Chafing and other discomfort. Too much friction from all that rubbing/thrusting/vibrating/kissing can leave your skin raw and chafed. Frequent handling of your tender parts is bound to leave your parts, well, tender.

Chafed skin does not just affect your intercourse life, it can as well crack and give bacteria a way into the body, increasing your risk of infections.

2 Urinary tract infections (UTIs). Having intercourse in a frequent manner can increase your chances of a UTI.

This is assuming you are engaging in play that encompasses your genitals, since your urethra basically sits front and center to the action, which can push bacteria inside.

3. "Sexually" transmitted infections (STIs). If you have intercourse with someone other than yourself, there’s always some risk of being infected with or transmitting an STI.

The more often you have intercourse, the more you increase the risk of getting infected. Regular STI testing and disclosing your results to your partner(s) is important to preventing transmission and an important part of overall safer intercourse practices.

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