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Husband and wife relationship

If She Has These 10 Qualities, Never Leave Her

Women are very beautiful creations, they are also very unique and quite hard to understand according to the male gender. However, every woman is different and special in her own way, so it will be unfair to judge every woman the same way and by the same standards.

Finding a good woman could seem quite hard. There are so many qualities that make a woman befitting, read below;

A good cook

One of the qualities that any woman should have is the ability to cook. She does not have to be the chef of any restaurant, she also does not have to learn how to prepare all the different dishes there are. A good woman should be able to prepare at least the basic dishes. Not knowing how to cook is not a bad thing either, but it is imperative that you learn. Men love it when the woman they love cooks for them.

God Fearing

A woman who is close to God is better than any diamond or jewel. Every man needs and deserves a woman who knows how to communicate with God. A woman who prays is more than capable of keeping her marriage secure while building a good foundation and future for her kids.

Not A Party Woman

There are women out there who know nothing other than night parties and clubs. Women who do such all the time have no place in any man's life. A woman who parties is just showing the world how good she is at misplacing her priorities. A good woman knows when it's time to party and time for business. She balances her social and family/business life on a scale of 30:70.

She Keeps The Home

Keeping a home goes way beyond sweeping and tidying. Women need to understand that men need more than just a cleaning wife, besides most men will rather employ a help than see their wife do any form of work. As a woman, you need to coordinate the activities in the household, make sure your husband is well taken care of likewise the kids. A woman who is able to joggle all the activities around her is for keeps.

Ability To Stay When Things Get Hard

This is one sure way to know if you're with the right woman or just a mere gold digger. If she truly loves and values what you both have, she'll stick around even when things are getting hard for the both of you.


It is really hard finding a woman who is submissive these days. But when you find that woman who respects you even when she might be doing better and earning more than you, keep her. She is the type that will support rather than laugh or leave when things get hard.

Financial Wisdom

A good woman is one who knows how to manage her funds. She does not spend her money indiscriminately on shoes, bags and make up. A good woman is one who can set aside and save funds for the future. She is also the type that will deprive herself of some pleasures just to ensure that the family is happy.

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