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The Most Suitable Menu For A Nigerian Wedding

You cannot disagree that the average Nigerian enjoys a good meal, and 70% of the attendees at every wedding reception in Nigeria are there for the feast as much as they want to rejoice with you.

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However, the difference between success and disaster is knowing what you plan to serve your guests and working with a trustworthy caterer. Before hiring a caterer, you might need to prepare a list of the common dishes served at Nigerian weddings.

Whether it's a traditional Nigerian wedding in your father's hometown or a luxury ceremony in Dubai, no Nigerian wedding is complete without these delicacies on the table.

The Appetizers

We all know the worth of appetizers at any feasting. These are foods that are meant to stimulate your appetite and excite your taste buds. They can be packaged and set on the table prior to the arrival of guests or the start of the wedding reception.

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One amazing starter dish I always fancy is “Small Chops”. The small chops include an array of snacks - samosa, spring roll, peppery puff puff, prawn in batter, gizdodo, mosa, chicken kebab, pancakes, and tiny cut meats.

You can also add a variety of appetizers like; nuts – kola nuts, groundnuts, cashew nuts; pastries; meat pies, chin chin, fish rolls; biscuits and cookies; and even some fruit salad.

Make sure the size of the appetizers package isn’t so much, you don’t want to fill up the bellies of your guest before the main dish.

The Main Dish

The main dish is the primary consideration when preparing to serve your guests; your guests will assess the wedding based on how well it fed them. As a result, caution must be exercised in the selection of major courses on the menu.

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The first meal that should come to mind is the “Party Jollof”. On one side of a common platter of Nigerian wedding food is Jollof rice, and on the other side is Fried rice. They're just made for each other. You shouldn’t forget to garnish the rice with either coleslaw or plantain, and even moin-moin, or both if you are feeling generous. Just top it up with a lump of good-sized meat, and that’s an awesome plate of joy.

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Another catchy meal to consider adding to the menu is “Ofada rice”. Yes! Jollof and fried rice are delightful courses, but the real party begins when the Ofada is introduced to the table, especially with its properly seasoned sauce.

Oh yes! We didn’t forget the very major one you must not miss at all, this one certifies the blessings of the elders too. I am sure you can guess that I am talking about “Swallow”. This is for your guests who are willing to wash their hands and forsake their home training.

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When I say “Swallow”, I hope you know I mean delicacies such as Amala, Semo, Pounded yam, Fufu, Wheat, etc. They all go well with desirable soups with assortments like Efo Riro (vegetables), Egusi, Ewedu, Gbeigiri, the list goes on.

You can just maybe add Yam Porridge and Peppersoup to the list if you feel like it or if you are feeling quite generous.

Moreover, for the luxury of it or maybe if your ceremony isn’t happening in a local setting or Nigeria at all. To give your wedding reception some international experience, you can include “Chinese rice and sauce.”

Do not forget the drinks too. You can have a good variety of drinks to entertain your guests. Water should be served with the appetizers, then soft drinks, malts, wine, and maybe even some beer will do.

From here, you have nothing much to worry about. You already have yourself the perfect wedding, I mean the best wedding of the season!

Do you think I missed anything out? Or do you have any questions? Feel free to pass on your comments.

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