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"Only Broke Men Remove Their Wedding Rings To Cheat On Their Wives" -Lady Says

A young beautiful Nigerian lady has hilariously revealed on her social media page why men remove their wedding rings to cheat on their wives. She said, "only broke men remove their wedding rings to cheat on their wives".

Honestly, being in marriage and then, having and putting to action the thought of having affairs with another person other than your lawful partner, is totally wrong. It doesn't make sense whether the man is poor or rich.

According to the post of the young Nigerian lady whose Twitter username identified as Amanda, rich people don't have to remove their wedding rings before cheating on their wives. She said that because the ring is expensive, it will attract ladies to the man. On the other hand, the poor men remove their rings in order to make the lady think they are not married, otherwise, the lady would feel she has nothing to gain.

From the above post, it is clear that Amanda does not really argue against cheating. According to her, if you're rich, you won't be afraid of telling the man you are married because, she will still find you desirable for what she will get from you.

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