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7 Signs Your Heart Is Closed to Love

Going on dates and creating an online dating profile aren't the only ways to find love. It also means opening oneself up to love and projecting an openness feeling. If you're energetically blocking away love, you might not even recognize it, but your potential partners may. Some people swear they'll never love again, while others have no idea their hearts are on lockdown. Are you unsure if your heart is open for business (and pleasure)? Here are five indicators that you've shut down your heart to love.

1. They are always criticizing something or someone.

It's natural to have expectations for the type of person with whom you want to spend your time, but those who criticize everything about someone may be doing it to keep others at distant. "It's better for an emotionally unavailable individual to remain unmarried and emotionally disconnected than to build a connection and bond with someone just to risk being injured again. It's a protective mechanism that keeps people away from them.

2. You sit and wait for others to approach you.

Even if the people you're chatting with aren't romantic interests, starting discussions with them gives the cosmos a message that you're open to love. That's why doing things, like paying for the person in line ahead of your coffee. It communicates to the cosmos that you're interested in making new relationships.

3. You compare people to your Ex

If everyone you meet reminds you of your ex or compares you to your former, there may still be an electrical connection between you two. Before you can fully be open to someone else, you must first achieve closure, whether with them or within yourself. Initiating eye contact with individuals, go out alone, and envision your perfect match during meditation to create them in your life if you believe you're blocking your energy off to love and want to open it.

4. They tried not to be tied down

This isn't necessarily related to romantic situations; it's more about a general dislike of being compelled to follow rigid schedules or commitments. Your partner may only spend time with you when it is convenient for them, putting their own needs before yours. This behavior implies that they are primarily concerned with their own desires and are unable to balance your desires with theirs. “It's critical to create and maintain your limits if someone wants more from you but isn't looking for a commitment. You shouldn't have to feel as though your own desires are being pushed aside in favor of your partner's.

5. They say they aren't ready to commit

If you're not ready for a committed relationship, it's best to tell the individuals you're dating right away so you don't mislead them. Emotionally unavailable people frequently state their intentions openly, but then act as if they really want something more serious, leading to confusion among their partners. In this situation, interpreting behaviors too literally. "Believe someone if they say they aren't ready or searching for a relationship,I doubt you'll be the one to persuade them otherwise.

6. You won't let anything get serious

You probably have your heart closed if you seem to exclusively have meaningless hookups or are drawn to people who aren't searching for a relationship. While there's nothing wrong with not wanting to be in a committed relationship, you won't be satisfied by having casual flings when you really want something serious. And you can believe you're okay with something casual when you aren't.

7. You don't practice self love

We've all heard the adage that you must first love yourself before you can love someone else. While there are several flaws in that statement, it does contain some truth. In an "If you don't love yourself, how can you receive love from someone else?" “Before enabling someone else to demonstrate and give you love, you must first be on a mission to love yourself and develop a connection with yourself.” Self-love is a terrific approach to get back on the road to an open heart, even if it's challenging at first. You can begin by simply complimenting yourself in the mirror each morning, or by ensuring that the food you eat nourishes and makes you happy.

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