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People said my daughter was a good witch and I think she is. This is the reason why.(Fiction)

I am a single mother with a daughter of 17 years old. 5 months before my daughter turned 18, I caught her with a light ball in her room saying strange words. I thought she was into some cults and I took the issue to a media outlet for people to help me out with solutions.

Most of them said she was a good which and that she had good powers that she can use in helping people. They advised me to help me harness her powers into good use. Some of them adviced me not to take her to a prayer house that would treat her like an outcast. I took their advices into consideration and spoke to my daughter. She opened up and we both practiced how to help her channel her powers into good use.

Since then, with things she did with her powers, I became proud of her and I knew that she certainly is a good witch.

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