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Old Couple Share Their Photos, As They Celebrate 72 Years Of Marriage.

Old couple share their photos as they celebrate 72 years of marriage.

Longevity in marriage requires certain criteria for it to be achieved. It entails little efforts from from both partners, because for something like this to be achieved, both hands must be on deck. For no marriage can work except both couples vowed to make it work. Most persons if you ask them about their relationship status, some more might say it's complicated, while others may give response like still searching, separated, heart broken, divorced and alone. In relationship, everyone has their own story to tell. Some theirs are filled with sadness and brokenness. Some theirs so romantic that you would even dream of yours becoming like theirs. 

As it is now, photos of these two couple is gradually going viral as lot of well wishers commend them on the longevity in marriage. Some can't help but wonder their secret recipe for long togetherness in marriage, because as it is now, most people can't successfully maintain one relationship for long as they will be jumping from one partner to another. 

During those old times, our parents gets married at tender age. Some ladies as of that time marry at the age of 16 years. While the boys would marry as soon they attain the ages of 20 years. The two settling down and making their marriage work. Unlike what we have today, not only the issues of late marriage but unsteadiness among lovers.

We say congratulations to them for they successful union. Their children took out time to post their photos on social media, celebrating their parents longevity in marriage.

  From your own point of view, what do you personally think that would grantee's a successful and long togetherness such as these couple shown in the photos ? What's it you think that can make marriage last long? Drop your answers in the comments sections.

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