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Igbo traditional attire, Isiagu for white wedding: A good fashion trend?

The Isiagu apparel which is also known as Chieftaincy attire is a vibrant and colorful traditional outfit rocked by the Igbo men of the southeastern part of Nigeria. This traditional piece is normally worn by Igbo men when receiving a chieftaincy title.

Some historic accounts have it that, the Isiagu apparel is traditionally given to a newly titled chief during the chieftaincy event. When translated to the English Language, Isiagu means 'Lion Head' which is in reference to the lion shapes used in designing the beautiful apparel. It is safe to say that this outfit distinguished titled men from others in society.

In a manner of speaking, the Isiagu attire has experienced a global renaissance as it is no longer attributed only to the Igbo titled men. The colorful clothing is now recognized as fashion apparel and worn by people all over the world including women.

In recent times, a new trend has seen couples wear Isiagu fabrics on their big day; white wedding to be precise. Conventionally, the dress code for couples during a white wedding is a suit and tie for the groom and a wedding gown for the bride but that is gradually changing as some have opted from the basics.

Now here comes the big question, is wearing Isiagu for a white wedding a good fashion trend?

In my belief, every occasion has its unique dress code and conventional wisdom has it that traditional weddings should be done the traditional way with couples rocking cultural attires in a bid to uphold and preserve their heritage. During this occasion, the decorations of the venue are always arranged to project a native outlook. Also, the white wedding ceremony which is a borrowed culture from the western world encourages couples to dress in foreign attires; suits and ties, and white gowns.

It is true that some couples try hard to make their day unique by doing things out of the ordinary, like wearing Isiagu for their white wedding, it is not a good fashion statement in my opinion.

My take here is, why bother about a Church wedding if you want to do it the traditional way? I mean, it is confusing for couples to wear traditional attire (Isiagu) for a white wedding. It is just like wearing a suit and a white gown for a traditional wedding. Now you get it!

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