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Ladies:how to know if a guy is crushing on you secretly

Whether you agree or not every girl at one position in time thinks-Does he like me or not?

I'm a guy but I just need to tell you ladies guys secret I'll reveal it in this article

Endless questions

Once a guy likes you or he is interested in you he'd love to keep the conversation on by asking questions like:

What are your secret skills?

What was your favorite childhood toy?

What was the best gift you've ever given someone?

What was the most embarrassing that hwppened?

What would toy grab if you house was on fire

Your worst job?

Best advice Anyone has ever given to you?

He tends to tease you

He asks questions like :

Hey, do you think I look fat in these jeans?”

Some things, men simply never say .

And they give you a silly nickname

They challenge you

They disagree with something you say

They feel jealous whenever another guy is around you

This is the real reason why we're called guys.. Jealousy 😂..

He makes body contact with you

Whenever you're alone he'll make sure he touches you by all means but it might not be so close

He love to stay with you

You can't see him with another girl he's always with you directly or indirectly

Whenever he sees you he's always happy

Yeah in his mind he'll be like "my crush is around and it will tell on the friend that's very close to him cos they'll be staring at you and the guy will just be happy..

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