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Opinion : What Should Be Done To The Student Who Was Caught Forcing A Kiss On Her Male Classmate.

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A video had gone viral about a young female secondary school student that was caught on camera, forcing her male classmate to kiss her during school hours, and this has generated many reactions from people.

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In the video, the young girl tried severally to kiss the boy, but he pushed her away each time she made the attempt and seem not interested. 

According to the friends of the female student who recorded the act, they were heard saying in the video that she has been trying to woo the boy into a romantic relationship for a long time, but had not given in.

There is no doubt that we are in a generation where there is unrestricted access to the internet by all age groups, and for this reason, the teenagers are exposed to certain things they should not know at their age.

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Of course, you will agree with me that what the girl did in the video is completely unacceptable considering her age.

There is the general believe that females are mostly the victim of sexual assault and violence, but there are instances whereby the male also falls victim of this. What she did is a clear case of sexual assault. The young girl needs to be re orientated about life generally, and the reason why she should not misplace her priority of being in the school.

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Then, like the saying goes that "Charity begins at home", her parents or guardian should be summoned and advised to monitor the online activities of their child, the sites she visits and things she engages with on the internet.

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In the same vein, the Parents should ensure that their child is not keeping bad company, as her friends might be teaching her a bad doctrine about relationships.

Again, the school authority should not take the incident lightly, but rather take drastic measures against the repetition of such act in the school, because if the case is not taken seriously, it could result to the boy in question giving in to the girl and doing her bidding, and they might start engaging in sexual act at a young age, which might lead to unwanted pregnancy or Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

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In conclusion, all Parents/ Guardians should endeavor to give their children adequate sex education so that they won't listen to the wrong teachings elsewhere.  

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