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Man Accepts Proposal As Girlfriend Kneels Before Him

Nigeria Citizen believes that only the man has the right to kneel before a woman and request for her hand in marriage. But today modern world has change that mindset, Now a woman can propose to a man without thinking twice about what the world will say.

Since she couldn't wait for the man to propose to her, she took it upon herself to do it. Witness at the Scene captured the romantic moment of the yet to be newest couple in town. They said he was filled with excitement and surprise look as he kept on clapping and laughing while still sitting before he stood up and embrace his wife.

He stretched out his fingers as his girlfriend knelt to put the ring on his finger while people shouted and kept on clapping for them.

The Lady as seen above took her boyfriend to an expensive restaurant and proposed to him since he couldn't ask the question earlier. She arrange the surprise proposal with the staff of the restaurant.

They brought a plate covered which got the man thinking it was food but written in it boldly is the big question " Will You Marry Me"

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