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Pregnancy period

Pregnancy: Have you heard of MICROCEPHALY?, see what it does to Unborn Babies

Day by Day we wake up to new lessons and open our inner Knowledge to receive new lectures that will improve our mind and Widen our Horizon.

There are many categories of life we learn from, we have Health, Crime, Beauty, Fashion, Catherine and many other categories that are important in our day to day life.

In this Article we'll pick a certain Term from Health and discuss crucial & Vital Points that will help many people, especially Pregnant women to watch their actions and what they take in while they are Pregnant.

We will discuss the term, MICROCEPHALY.

With no doubt, many people are oblivious to this term and are complete strangers to the effect of this infection on Foetus/unborn Babies.

For clarity, here is what Mircrocephaly means;

MICROCEPHALY is a birth defect where a baby’s head is smaller than expected when compared to babies of the same gender and age. Babies with microcephaly often have smaller brains that might not have developed properly.

See some pictures of Kids with Microcephaly;

This condition has different levels, one is Mild while the other is Severe.

Severe microcephaly is more serious, and extreme form of this condition, where a baby’s head is much smaller than expected. Severe microcephaly can result because a baby’s brain has not developed properly during pregnancy, or the brain started to develop correctly and then was damaged at some point during pregnancy.

(This 21 year Old Rwanda Boy is suffering from a Severe Mircrocephaly. According to his story, he can't Talk, can hear but has feeding Problem.

He can't attend School, because of his lack of knowledge to assimilate or accommodate heavy psychological things).

Picture used for illustrations

When Baby suffers from a severe Microcephaly, he/she may be in that position of sickness for lifelong.

But if it's Mild one, they can regain some of their cognitive functions if they are well taken care of. A mild Microcephaly will graduate to Severe without Proper care.

Effects of Microcephaly in a Baby.

1. Microcephaly primarily affects the cognitive functions of it's Victims, anyone with this defect won't be able to Speak but will hear.

2. They won't have a very strong knowledge to accommodate or learn from a Formal Setting. They may become very weak and might even lose the strength to walk Properly.

3. Severe condition might also lead to hearing Loss(When prolonged),

4. Difficulty swallowing,

5. Seizure and many other bad health defects.


1. Severe malnutrition: Malnutrition in the sense that, if a Pregnant woman doesn't get fine and enough food or Nutrient

2. Exposure to harmful and poisonous substances like, Alcohol, Toxic Chemicals, Acid and Certain Drugs

3. If through Carelessness or as a result of one error or the order, necessary blood fails to flow to the unborn baby's brain during development, their is a very big chance that, the Baby will be Microcephalic.


Microcephaly can be diagnosed during pregnancy and after the baby is born.


Since it not a popular infection, no cure has been prescribed for the infection. So if you have a child with the infection, take good care of them, and find every possible means to treat every symptoms you notice before they become severe.

It will be better you find means to curb the severity of the Symptoms before the child get Old.

You can also seek Medical Attention once you notice any sign of it in your Child.


SOURCE: Wikipedia &, USA Health.

Central Disease Control(CDC)

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