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3 Things You Should Teach Your Boy And Girl Child Before They Turn This Age - Six

Before your child turns age six, it's very important to go through this post and apply them to your parental duty.

Parenting is a whole lot of work.

If you are a parent you will understand what I mean by that already.

As your child continues to grow, she will also be picking up different ideas, attitudes, and behavior.

But there are things that need to be addressed properly within the age range of 3-5.

Once your kids can learn and inculcate some good attitude at this age, it will go a long way in building them up into an amiable individual with good value.

Without further ado, here are the three things you need to teach him or her before it might be too late.

1.Teach them to be creative

At such a tender age, they are full of life and so energetic. Help them channel that into creativity. This will help them in thinking, solving problems, and every other aspect of life they want answers. Ask for their opinions about certain things and what they think.

2.Teach them to handle failure

Sometimes when things aren't going according to their plan, they may feel discouraged, incapable, and inferior.

Most especially when their mates are doing better at that same thing that they find difficult and incapable to do.

As a parent, it is very important to let them know that failure is not a crime, abomination, or shameful thing. Rather it is one of the ways to succeed. Tell them they can always try again and they shouldn't be tired of trying.

And that every winner was once a looser, every professional was once an amateur. Letting them know at this age will go a long way in helping to be an action taker and to develop a thick skin when they encounter some challenges along the line.

Teach them to be discipline

You might be surprised at this third one but it is very important.

No matter the parenting strategy you are using for your kids, teaching them self-discipline should be your goal.

Self-discipline helps kids become responsible individuals. It helps them resist unhealthy temptations, delay gratification, and also, help them tolerate some discomfort needed to achieve a certain goal in life.

One of the ways to help your child is to create a similar schedule every day and your child will get used to it.

A morning routine will help your child prepare for school, knowing when to eat their breakfast, put on their dress, and brush their teeth.

After school routine teaches kids to schedule their time for homework, fun activities, and little house chores.

And most importantly explain the reasons behind the above rules.

Don't just say "do your assignment because I say so", this won't help but rather say " it is better to do your assignment now and then have free time later, as a reward for getting your work done.

This will help them know and understand the underlying reason behind every rule you set and not just because you said they should do so.

Let them also know the consequences that may follow if they refuse to make the right decision.

For instance, if they refuse to put on their cardigan they will catch a cold.

This will help keep them in check once they know there is a consequence for every action.

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