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Why A Man Should Be Worried About Releasing A Thick Semen During Intimacy

Having a thick semen is not always a problem, but it may become an issue, if it happens frequently. When you notice that your semen is usually thick, then you may be having issues with your prostate or seminal vesicles. The medical disorder for having a thick semen is called, semen hyperviscosity. When you have a thick semen, the sperm cells may not be able to move freely. This can make it difficult for a man to impregnate a woman. A man's semen is considered very thick, if it comes out as strands instead of drops. If it comes out very solid, it is also considered thick.

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This article will look at some things, that can make a man's semen to become thick. They include the following:

1. Not releasing a discharge frequently

A man who does not engage in intimate activity, may not have time to release a discharge. When he finally releases a discharge, the semen may appear thick and the amount will be much.

2. Not taking enough water

When you don't take enough water, this can make the semen to have less water and this can make it to become thick. It is important to take enough water, if you feel your semen is very thick.

3. Problems in the prostate or seminal vesicles

It is important to know that semen consists of the sperm from the testicles, seminal fluid from the seminal vesicles, and a little amount of fluid from the prostate. When there is an issue with the prostate or seminal vesicles, this can make the semen to become very thick. The thickness of the semen may be as a result of an issue in the seminal vesicles, which is causing the prostate to secrete more fluid. This can also be as a result of a change in the proteins, that the prostate and seminal vesicles add to the semen.

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Releasing a semen that is very thick all the time, could signify that there is a problem and it is important that you visit an urologist.

Source: Medicalnewstoday

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