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Moments After 16 Years Old Girl Posted Her Bed-wetting Issue On Twitter, See Reactions

"I'm 16 and I still have the issue of bed-wetting and my mum makes fun of me for it. I'm always sad about it because am done with secondary school but I'm scared of going to university because of it. And when people say don't drink water from 3 to 4 hours before you sleep, it doesn't work for me, I've been doing that a long time and it still doesn't work for me " This are the words of the 16 years old girl who obviously just finish her secondary school studies and she scared of going to university because of what she sees to be a problem (bed-wetting).

Moments after this was posted on twitter, a lot of people have tweeted suggestions and possible solution that might help save the girl against bed-wetting

Check Out People's Advice and possible solution to her bed-wetting problem the people have actually helped a lot by dropping lot of helping and positive suggestions that might actually work as a solution to the girl's bed-wetting problem.

Let's just hope that she get rid of her bed-wetting problem as soon as possible so she won't have to go through some sensitization like the way her mother make fun of her and other emotional damages like being afraid to go to university.

What do you think about bed-wetting at such age? Do you consider it a problem or just a norms that will pass at its own time?

Kindly drop your opinions

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