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My Marriage Is Crumbling Because My Wife Found Out This About Me (fiction).

My name is David, I am from a wealthy home so I have never lacked anything in my life because my parents always made sure I was comfortable.

The story I am about to share may look unbelievable but it is a true life story.

I was born healthy but one certain day, I was 14 years old sneaked out of school with my friends when he were moving into the street, I was involved in an accident.

I was rushed to the hospital but thank God I survived but the effect of the accident is still with me till now.

After 2 weeks after I recovered I had my first episode of epilesy. It was very embarrassing because it happened in school. 

My parents took me to a best hospitals but still the conditions persist and there was nothing we could do.

My grandmother took me to one herbalist, he made some incision on my body and since them nothing happened.

Seven years later, I met the love of my life and after one year of dating we got married but I never told her about my past because I thought I was already free from it.

One year into our marriage, we went to for dinner date to celebrate our anniversary and right there, I had my episode of epilesy and my wife was very embarrassed.

After I was okay, I explained everything her and she seems to understand.

In the afternoon of the next day, a lawyer brought a letter for me and I read it and found it it was a divorce letter.

Please this sickness is ruining my marriage.

Please do yo know a doctor who cy treat it or a possible cure for it. 

Please let me know because my marriage is crumbling because my wife 

Thanks for reading

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