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Good Night Romantic Messages For Your Heartbeats.

Messages are one of the easiest ways we use to communicate especially with someone precious and dearie to us.

Below are some of the romantic messages you can send to your partner and make him or her feel loved, appreciated, cared for, and valued as he or she goes to bed.

1) I have told the stars and the moon to light up all your ways as you dream about me this night, good night my love.

2) I'm finding it difficult to sleep because I'm missing the way you usually cuddle me, I missed you my heartbeats.

3) I wish the night is already over, so I can see your face, kiss you, hold you tight and tell you how deep you are found in my heart. Good night baby, I love you.

4) As you go to bed, think of nothing else but me because right here on my bed I can feel you all over me. Good night my sweet heart.

5) One of the gracious gifts I have now is you, your care, your stature, the way you kiss me and the way you bath me at night are the memories I wish it exists always, good night my princess.

6) If I have wings, I cover you with my wings, and this is why I have instructed Angels to guide you while you sleep like a prince. Good night my pride.

7) The memories of how you kissed me during the day are still fresh with me, please kiss me again before you tell me good night. I love you so much.

8) Before you sleep, I have instructed your favorite bird to sing your best love song for you, it is written by me with the color of my blood on the shape of my heart. Good night my Queen.

9) Loving you had made me to believe that love is truly beautiful and amazing. I can't stop loving you baby, good night.

10) I have been thinking on how I will sleep alone tonight, you are not here to cuddle me, you are not here to kiss me, you are not here to tell me your favorite love story, I missed you baby, good night.

With these messages, your partner will know how important and valued he or she is to you.

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