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7 Kinds Of Words You Should Never Say To Your Mother.

Welcome back esteem readers. Today,I will sharing with you something much important, word. Words that you should never say to you mother. Stay glued and read on.

We all know that family relationship can be hard sometimes. It is normal to have disagreement with our siblings,cousins and even parents. However,sometimes things can get out of hand and we say something that we don't really mean. After all we are human,and we can get angry.

Anyways, if you got yourself in an disagreement with your mother, and you say these words to her,please pause am say sorry because it really hurts them.

Below are things you should never say to your mother.

1: I hate you: This three words cur so deep. No matter the kind of argument or conflict you have with your mother don't ever say "I hate you". It really hurts them. She is your mother and can never hate you.

2: You never support me: Chances are,if you doing something and your mother didn't agree with you,doesn't mean she never support you.

Maybe the choice you are making is wrong and she doesn't agrees with you,because as long as she feels you are doing the right thing, she will give 100% support that you need. Don't say that word to her,if you love her.

3: You love my siblings more than me: Sorry to say,this is what most mothers hear from their children. The woman that gave birth to you loves you equally with your other siblings. Don't say it to her.

4: You never pray for me: Sometimes,when something is not all that well for us,we are facing hard times,we ought to think that our mothers are not praying for us. But that is wrong,her knees are glued to the floor,every mother's joy is to see her children growth,she always pray for you. Don't ever say you never pray for me to your mother.

5: I wish you weren't my mother: This is one of the most hurtful thing you can say to your mother. This happens especially if we looks out and see how our friends and their relationship with their mothers. For the fact,that she gives birth to you,house you and feed you, never say those things to her.

6: I am tried of helping you: How can you be tried of helping your mother. Pause a minute,remember how she have helped you,from day one,teaching you to wear your clothes, brush your teeth and other. Don't ever be tried of helping you mother,especially in their golden age.

7: I don't want to spend time with you: Though some of us have mothers that they are pleasant to stay with. But,she needs you around. They like seeing their children around them. It really hurts them when you say you don't want to spend time with her.

We are commanded in the bible to honor of parents,and honoring our parents comes with a award.

We should mind what we say to our mothers.

Thanks for reading.

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