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If You Want To Succeed In Life, Don't Do These Things To Your Mother

What is the definition of a mother?

A mother is a female being, or when limited to human beings, a woman who would go to any length to make sure her children are well off. A mother is not just a channel through which another human is birthed. She is a woman who would rather die than watch you sick, a woman who would rather sleep hungry than watch her children starve, a woman who would do the unthinkable just to make sure her children succeed. The definition of a mother is endless. The whole length of this article would not be able to contain it.

After God, your mother comes next. For 9 months, she had control over your life. In that time space, she could have aborted you but she didn't. If she did, you wouldn't be reading this article. What many of us are today is the product of the fervent and effectual prayers of our mothers. Without the burning desires reflected in their prayers, it is highly likely that many of us may not have succeed. If you want to succeed, there are six things you should never ever do to your mother. Here they are:

1. Don't ever abandon her

If you want to succeed in life, don't ever abandon your mother especially when a situation that would require you to can be avoided. The tongues of women have spiritual significance and the more these women age, the more that power embedded in their tongue increases. If that tongue is used negatively against you, believe me, there is a really big chance that it might cause you problems.

If you hail from a village and you now live in the city, always make sure you check up on your mother. If possible, cajole her to move in with you. If you are not in the position to do so, for example if you are a married woman, try to communicate with her on the phone as often as possible.

2. Don't belittle her by placing your spouse above her

This goes to those who are married. Just because you are married does not mean you should place your spouse above her. Yes, mothers often meddle in marital affairs of their children but always learn to use wisdom in these sorts of things. If a situation arises where your spouse and your mother have placed you in the middle, don't be overly supportive of your spouse. Try as much as possible to amend their differences.

3. Don't ever hit your mother

Never ever make the mistake of hitting your mother no matter how angry she might have made you. It is unimaginable for such a thing to happen. Don't ever ever do it. It is an abomination. Even God would never be happy with you.

4. Never call your mother abusive names

We are often put in situations like these. Sometimes when we run helterskelter in search of solutions to our spiritual problem, a certain spiritual leader would tell you that your mother is a witch and she is the one behind your misfortune. Even though these revelations are often true, if you find yourself in such a situation, don't ever call her abusive names like "witch" or any other abusive word. She is your mother, remember.

5. Don't stop your children from visiting your mother

Many people are guilty of this. "Ah, my mother's village is the headquarters of witches, I will not step there." Unless God has instructed you to not go, with or without your children, don't ever stop them from visiting your mother.

6. Don't ever make her sad

For a woman who lived a quarter of her life for you in sickness and in health, making her sad when she should be enjoying is very wicked. Don't make her go through stress, don't ever cause her to worry. If you are engaging in something that would cause disgrace to yourself and her, detest from it. Making her sad is not a good thing at all. A certain Jabez in the Bible was cursed by a sad mother, we all know what it took before he could get rid of the curse.

Please, don't ever do these things if you want to succeed in life. Remember, a mother's words carries weight, they are powerful and can do and undo.

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