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See Funny Reactions Of Men During Childbirth

Most of us want our partner to be there when we’re in labour. We want him to hold our hand, whisper words of encouragement and witness the miracle of his baby’s birth. However the thought of him seeing us as he’s never seen us before, squatting over a birthing ball, bellowing and secreting all sorts of fluids makes us feel a bit anxious.

It’s fair to say that creating, carrying, and then literally birthing a tiny person is nothing short of superhuman. And to every person out there that’s done it: major kudos.  I’d say that some men fancy their wives more afterwards, because of the power and the energy they’ve had. They do not make the situation about themselves nor do they panic they are anxious, Worried, Frustrated. For some men they feel it’s hard to look at a vagina the same way after they’ve seen a head come out of it. See some funny pictures below.

For husbands out there take note:

A woman can become panicky during labour, and the best person to get them back on track with their breathing is their you. After all, you know them better than anyone else. As the contractions grow more intense, reassure your partner that they’re doing a great job and that you love them. You can also help by feeding them ice chips or wiping the sweat off their brow. And though some people don't like to be touched during labour, others appreciate a neck or back rub. Always remember to go with the flow!

Your partner can't see the contraction monitor, but you can. This means you can talk them through the contractions, describing when they're about to peak and start subsiding. Narrating what's going on—when one's starting, when it's ending—may give them a sense of control. Giving birth gets glory. Your partner may even have a bowel movement as they’re pushing. They’ll probably make primal noises you've never heard before. Your job, no matter how unsettled you may feel, is to say this: "You're doing great!" Actually, they’re not even paying attention to your words. It's your familiar voice and reassuring tone that they’re tuning in. (One other thing you may find a little unsettling: After the baby is delivered, the placenta pops out. It looks like a huge piece of liver.) Do not complain or act bored (no yawning), some many husbands complain about a sore back because they've been standing next to their wives for so long. The labour experience is completely focused around the one giving birth. A labouring person may want to squeeze their partner's hand during a contraction. She encourages you to tough it out: a contraction doesn't last too long most times.

Your partner’s resting, the baby's in the nursery, and you've contacted the relatives. And you think it's time for a nap? Not yet. Your partner has been through a lot both physically and emotionally, It's a good time to show them how much you love them." Bring flowers, chocolates, or write them a love note. Whatever you do, find a special way to mark the occasion.

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