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8 Ways To Determine If You Are In The Right Relationship

When you begin to ask yourself questions like: Am I with the right person? Then it means you are actually having a second thought about them. While it will be all nice and smooth to be able to tell 'The One', we can't overrule the fact relationships are never really that straightforward. There will always be the downsides but the ability to know what's most important is what makes a difference. Here are some tips to guide you:

1. Love Language: While your love language or languages may be different from your partner's, when they are the right person for you, you will discover that you are easily able to learn them and strike a balance with yours. If you have the same language, all the best for you. Otherwise, you both will be willing and working to understand each other so as to meet somewhere in the middle.

2. Communication: When you are with the right person, communication is easy. You don't have to repeat yourself over and over before they get the drift. Sometimes, you may not even need to talk or complete your statement and they already understand what you are not saying. They listen when you talk and you are often times than not able to come to an amicable conclusion in arguments.

3. Extra mile: It is not in some people's nature to go extra mile for anyone. While they genuinely may want to assist, if it's beyond their immediate capacity; they don't stress. This is not the case when you are with the right person. They will be willing to make sacrifices for you, isn't that what relationships are about? A little extra mile is what they keep telling themselves until they see that thing done for you and should it not work out, even you will be able to attest to it that they put in effort.

4. Spending time apart: Being with the one means you are comfortable spending time apart. You don't have to unnecessarily worry about where they are and what they are doing. Even when you are together, you know that you don't have to sneak you on them or trail them about like a lost puppy. You are confident that they will let you know if and when there is something you should be aware of. Note, this doesn't mean they will necessarily tell you every little detail of what happens with them, rather there is this peace of mind you get knowing that they wouldn't deliberately do anything to hurt you.

5. Being yourself: You can be yourself with this person and you don't have to worry that they will question your character or intentionally miscontrue what you say. You like the friends they have in their circle and even if there is someone you are not comfortable with (for a good reason), they are willing to adjust and vice versa. You don't have to dread what they will say about something because you know that even if you are wrong, they will correct you with love and not condescendingly.

6. Values and Ideologies: You share the same values and ideologues about life and when you don't agree on some things, they still respect your views and are always willing to see things from your perspective. They value your opinions and don't mind seeking your counsel on certain things. Where your thoughts do not align with theirs, rather than carelessly dismiss your ideas, they let you understand why that line of thought may not yield the desired result.

7. What God says: Seeking what God says about your relationship cannot be overlooked. It is more important than what you feel. As a human, you are bound to be biased or compromised when making decisions, but God is true to his words always. If you have a spiritual guardian who can pray with you fine, otherwise you can hear from God yourself. Speak to him, he will guide you and show you signs especially if they are not in alignment with your feelings.

8. Gut feeling: There may not be a definite way to know if someone is the right person but you just know it from somewhere within you. That excitement that you feel when you see them, the chemistry that passes when their hand touches yours, the way you get smitten by just gazing at them. You really know deep inside you that you are meant for each other. Your heart is capable of knowing these things, you just need to listen to your gut and trust your judgement.

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