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4 things considered as taboo in Igboland

Every tribe has a cultural practice that must be respected to the core. What they believe in might be different from what your tribe believes in. Whichever way it is, you have to get used to their beliefs because who knows, you might marry from there.

There are some things the Igbo People considered as taboo right from the onset. These things are what they do not tolerate as they are considered abominable to the entire people. In this article, I shall be sharing with you 4 of them as follows.

1. The pouring away of marriage wine.

When an Igbo man is due for marriage, his parents and kinsmen are expected to accompany him to the house of his in-laws where the marriage is to take place. While going, they are expected to go with palm wine which the young man is to carry. If the wine pours away on their way, it becomes taboo.

At that point, the best option is to return home because it is believed that the pouring away of the wine is a sign of a bad omen. This has been believed by the Igbos right from ancient times.

2. The use of the left hand.

Right from ancient times, any child seen using his left hand to either write or eat is considered as taboo. In Igboland, you don't dare to give or take using your left hand. This is why any child that appears to be left-handed is properly trained on how to use the right hand.

3. Ogbanje

In Igbo culture, Ogbanje is a child who repeatedly dies and returns to keep causing the family pains. Such a child is not welcome in Igboland. Come to think of it, why should a child be coming and going without staying alive for the parents? As time goes on, the Igbos found a way of making such a child not to come back again.

4. Killing of oneself.

The Igbo culture doesn't care about what you must have been passing through to have killed yourself. Nothing is worth committing suicide for so don't try it as an Igbo person. If you commit suicide in Igboland, you won't be buried the same way others are being buried because you died an abominable death.

Kindly be informed to avoid falling victim. Which other taboos in Igboland do you know? Please share this article.

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