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Husband and wife relationship

Some Ways You Can Make Your Marriage Last.

Making your marriage last should be part of your number one priority in your relationship. Often we heard about marriage failure and we wonder what went wrong with the wedding we both witnessed and rejoice with the couple. We wonder why such a wedding where lots of money were spent to entertain guests in a well-decorated hall didn't last as we had hoped.

Though I may not be able to state all the reasons why a marriage may not last, but I know that when a couple failed to involve plans on how to make themselves last in their marriage, they may not last as expected.

Making efforts/plans to make your marriage last involves you making the happiness of your partner your focus. All you want to do should be to make him/her happy. It is no longer about you and you alone. When coupled have the interest of each other at heart, they will avoid what may bring pain to each other. They will keep doing things that will make the other find it difficult to live independently of the other.

They will focus on below proven but simple practices that can make their marriages last

1. Be friendly with each other. You will understand how friends behave when you see the ones who can go to the length of sacrificing one or two of their organs, e.g kidney, just to make sure that the other didn't die. Friends who have the same blood group can donate blood for each other in case of an emergency. This is to show how much a friend can sacrifice to keep his/her friend alive.

When a couple tries to become friends with each other, they will be willing to sacrifice for each other. They will be happy to receive each other back home from work. They will focus on making each other happy. It will be difficult for any of them to live without each other and that will make their union healthy which will make them last long together.

2. Avoid arguing before your children. When you misplace the position of respect in your marriage, you may be heading for something you will not like. Husband and wife should respect each other. As the husband, you should be conscious of the fact that your wife is special, and the way you talk to her when you are angry matters a lot. Don't make the mistake of correcting her before your children. Don't insult each other before your children. If you do, it may affect your interest in each other. It is good to get angry when you see what you don't like. You can do that in your room with a calm voice. Remember that you want to correct what you don't like, not that you want to prove to your partner who is the boss or who is right.

3. Avoid arguing or using harsh words when visitors are around. You don't know who is who. One Igbo adage says "ochieze abughi to" this means that the fact that someone is laughing and smiling with you, doesn't mean that he/she is happy with you. If you fight or use harsh words on yourselves before visitors. They may see the opportunity to start giving wrong counsel to your partner which may have negative effects on your marriage.

4. Talk more about the good and funny things you have done togetherFind time to have fun and do funny things together. Be happy and laugh at the top of your voice. Enjoying your time together by visiting places. Minimize complaints in your marriage. Talk more about good things your spouse has done correctly in the past. Stop reminding your spouse of the last time he/she did something wrong. Talk more of good times than you talk of hurts. It will help in keeping the two of you together for long.

5. Convince yourself that you married the best partner meant for you. A marriage where husband/wife thinks that he/she made a mistake by marrying his/her spouse may not last. But when you see your spouse as the best person for you, you will last long in your marriage.

6. Learn to coddle most often. Learn to hold each other in your arms while on your bed. It will help you feel each other more and keep warm. The feelings can be refreshing to both of you and you will have a good night's rest.

7. Have your dinner together. Learn to always wait for your spouse before you eat your meal. Taking your food together will continue to increase your chances of spending time together and going to bed together too. Your love will keep growing for each other

When you practice these things in your marriage, you will keep waxing strong in your and you will last long together.

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