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Few questions that could bring closeness between a boy and a girl.

Asking a nice question is one of the best ways to start a conversation with a girl. A good question leads to wonderful conversation and makes a girl feel good about a guy. So, if you're having feelings for a girl, below are some questions you could ask that will take the friendship to a deeper level.

(1). What’s your favorite day of the week?

(2). What do you enjoy doing the most?

(3). What's your favorite way to exercise?

(4). What kind of movies / TV shows do you like?

(5). What is your favorite movie of all time and why?

(6). Who are your favorite authors?

(7). Do you enjoy listening to the radio?

(8). What do you wish you were good at?

(9). How old were you when you started working?

(10). What's your dream job?

 (11). Where did you grow up?

(12). How many siblings do you have?

(13). Do you wish you had more siblings? If so, why?

(14). What's the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you?

(15). If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

(16). What’s your favorite time of year and why?

(17). What's your favorite restaurant and why?

(18). What's your favorite food?

(19). Can I buy you dinner sometimes, when you are free?

To avoid making it look like an interview, also talk about yourself and allow her to ask questions.

However, the most important thing to do after making friends with a girl is to show your interest in her, give her attention, and show how caring you are. In that way, she would see how impressive you are.

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