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3 Reasons Why Single Ladies Should Complete Their Tertiary Education Before Marriage

Inasmuch educational qualification is not a criterion for marriage, any single lady whose one of her desires is to be educated in life, should not come upfront chasing marriage before the completion of her tertiary institution education. As a lady, It is not as if it is a crime for you to get married before pursuing your educational dreams to the point of higher institution, neither will it determine the success of your marriage. However, a lady who takes her time to be done with her education first before making plans for marriage is more advantageous than the one who may wish to do otherwise.

It is okay for a lady who has crossed the phase of a teenager into adulthood to come across a responsible, caring and a good man and marry him when he proposes marriage to her. After all, opportunity they say comes but once. Nonetheless, if care is not taken, she may end up getting married and forfeiting her dream to be a graduate.

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There are many reasons why single ladies should complete their tertiary education before delving into marriage. Among others, below are some:

1. The husband may not have the money to sponsor you after marriage. Needless to say, all fingers are not equal. Some men may be financially rich to sponsor their wives to any academic height they wish to attain but others may not have the enablement. It is not as if the men in question may not want to, but their willingness will be crippled by lack of money. Don't forget that, after marriage, your parents may not want to be responsible for your education again. There are some ladies that have kicked their academic endeavours goodbye after marriage. To be on the safer side, achieve your educational goal first before marriage.

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2.Your husband may fail his promise of sponsoring your education after marriage. One of the promises that most men make when they are going after a lady for marriage is sponsoring her education after marriage. Such promise always come to play when the lady in question urge the man seeking for her hand in marriage to wait till she is done with her education. In order to persuade her to give in to his marriage demand, he would make the promise of continuing to sponsor her from where her parents stopped. Sadly, not every man keep such promise after successfully marrying a lady. Unfortunately, as a lady, if you end up in such a situation, your dream of being a graduate may be dashed, most especially when you have already started having children.

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3. High tendency of graduating with poor grades. The responsibilities of marriage on their own can be very demanding, how much more adding the stress of schooling to it. It is more like trying to pursue 2 animals at the same time. If you choose to give full attention to your education, your marriage is likely to feel the heat due to divided attention. On the other hand, if you choose to be fully committed to your marriage, you will lag behind in your academic activities, which will mostly affect your grades. What if your examination fall under when you are heavily pregnant and due for labour? What if it falls on when you just put to birth? You cannot possibly meet up.

What is your take on marriage before education? Make your opinion known in the comment section.

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