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OPINION: Why The S£x Life Of Married Couple Collapse After Having Kids

Giving birth changes everything. S*x, sleep, eating, talking, television, reading, drinking tea, you name it, giving birth changes it.

You’re a parent now. Your first priority is the new life you have created and that you now have to keep alive. That is a full time job and a tough one. You lurch from crisis to crisis, eat your meals on the run, drink cold tea, sleep whenever you can, and have s*x during those odd times when baby is asleep, you are both awake and not completely exhausted.

If you’re asking does giving birth change your g*nitals, then no, not unless there was tearing or stitches which take longer to recover. Instead the question is, does having kids affect the s*x life of married couples? Then that answer is Yes. From my own point of view, having kids can actually collapse the s*x life of married couples in many aspects. Just as I mentioned earlier, it affects the way you eat, sleep, think and many more.

Personally or in my own opinion, here are some ways which the s*x life of married couple collapse after having kids;

1. Once you have a kid, you will have to run behind the kid (your age too will run fast). Interest will fade away.

2. The attention towards kids and the time you spend for kids will increase and the same will decrease between the couples.

3. The work load of a mother will be high and she will look tired always. You can't expect your lady to get intimate with you when she is tired.

4. A father will become more responsible that he works hard to earn.

5. If you are planning for a vacation trip, obviously you will have your kids with you. None will ask them to stay in a different room (Till they are getting married).

With these factors in play, the s*x life of married couples will fade away after having kids.

Do you agree with these points above?

Let us hear from you via the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!

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