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Things You Should Do When A Woman Starts Losing Interest In You

Some of the reasons why ladies lose interest in men are usually obvious and if you know the cause on time, you can quickly turn everything around. If your woman has lost interest in you, it could be that you stopped doing the things that made her accept you. It could be that you began to annoy her by doing things she hates or you stopped being the fun guy she knew. In this article, you will learn how to get things back.

1. Find out what went wrong: Before you seek a solution to revive the dying love, you need to know what caused it. It could be that you are too controlling or lack confidence in taking decisions. It could be that you no longer give her attention. Take some time to know what went wrong.

2. Don't feel sad or start begging her: If you have found out what went wrong, you have to take things easy without being depressed or start begging her to stay. Sit back and have fun.

3. Start impressing her from a distance: Give her some space and become that charming guy she used to know. Allow her to miss you.

4. Make her jealous: When a woman sees that other attractive women are having fun with you, she will get jealous. Sometimes Jealousy is to save a relationship. She won't want to lose you. Don't make it too obvious that you are trying to make her jealous.

5. Ask her out on a date again: If you have observed that the attraction has started building up because of the distance and your new behavior, ask her out for a date again. By doing this, you renew the renew that was dying.

6. Keep doing what works: If you fail to do the needful after building the attraction, the interest might begin to reduce again. What you need to do is to keep having fun, and be charming. Ladies don't like boredom, so avoid it.

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