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Why Tolerance is the main attribute to a Successful Marriage?

Tolerance is one of the main attribute of marriage, if you really want to keep your home. If you are some one can't tolerate nonsense, marriage is not for you. In Marriage there plenty nonsense to be experience. Tolerance is for the both parties, both the man and woman, but at least one among any of them should attain this attribute if not there is trouble shooting.

You should know this nonsense may come from your wife, husband, children or in-laws so be ready to welcome it as it comes. As a man be slow to speak, God should be your guidance through prayers. And be an example to both your wife, husband and children.

Imagine a Bachelor will say "Over my dead body, I can't wash a woman undies". But when you married and she becomes overwhelmed by house chores, goes into complicated labour or becomes seriously sick and there is no maid or anybody to assist, if you sincerely Love her, you will wash the undies with Joy and even do other things just to prove your love for her.

You have to attain a good character before going into marriage, it's for the Matured. Marriage is indeed another School altogether.

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