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What is the one major thing that causes misbehaviour in adults ?

You need pure love now more than ever . The world today is surrounded by fears , global panicking . Pure love would cast out fears and heal any form of brokenness in you .  

Love is a basic human need . The lack of love during childhood is the cause of misbehaviour in adults in most cases . You need love to be emotionally healthy . 

Pure love is not :   

# Possessiveness - Controlling someone or being controlled . 

# Attachment -- Feeling you can't live without someone .

# Dependency -- Depending on someone or something for survival. 

# Transaction -- Strickly give and take mentality like a business . 


These are pure love 

1. Love is Patient 

2. Love is Kind 

3. Love is not Jealous 

4. Love is not Boastful / Proud 

5. Love is not Rude 

6. Love is not Self- seeking , Selfish or Self-centred 

7. Love doesn't get offended easily .

8 Love doesn't keep record of wrongs 

9. Love doesn't Rejoices over injustice . 

10. Love Supports the Truth 

11. Love Never Gives Up .Never loses Faith . Endures All Circumstances . Always Hopeful .

12. Love is Eternal , Everlasting , Forever .

13. Love is the Greatest . 

You need pure love for your emotional well-being , optimal productivity and self leadership .

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