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Some ladies have got it wrong - This is what wearing a white wedding gown really implies

Wedding dresses were more than just dresses from the beginning of time. It had deep meanings. Many young girls usually fantasize about a romantic wedding where they put on a long and beautiful white dress. Why was the dress always white?

From times of old, culture picked white as the right colour for girls to wear. It symbolized freshness and purity of girl hood. This practice of wearing a white dress originated from the Roman Republic in 509 BC. More than 2000 years ago. It represented purity, showing a woman's chastity and her transition into a married Roman matron. 

This culture actually faded after the fall of the Roman empire. Ladies simply wore their best dress or they bought a new dress that could be worn again. This was because a white dress was not easy to wash since water wasn't very much available.

The trend came again when queen Victoria wore a white dress for her marriage in 1840. It was now copied by ladies who wanted to look like their queen. The wedding dress now changed from being a symbol of a v3qin to a sign of wealth and status. Only the rich could afford this.

In this present generation, it is a uniform- what every bride wears. We have forgotten the meaning of the white dress. Most ladies won't even aspire to be worthy of putting on that dress. It emphasizes "the bed undefiled". Pure until marriage.

Some girls are even breaking the trend to wear different colours for their marriage. See some pictures below.

What are your thoughts about nearly every girl putting on a white wedding gown even though they are not worthy of it?

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