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Divorce Affair

Fiction: I cheated on my husband with his best man on our wedding day

After dating for only six months, Peter asked for my hand in marriage. I only had an interest in a casual relationship. He would not listen, he became so obsessed, kept on begging me to marry him, I said yes.

I tried to convince my husband to be to postpone the wedding to figure out the situation. He commenced emotional blackmail and I had no choice but to play along for the main time.

During the wedding preparations, I met Peter's best man who is his long time friend and I realised I attended the same university as him. We started meeting up for lunch and I began to enjoy his company.

My feelings for his best man started to grow. One day, he came over to my house to confess his feelings and pleaded to cancel the wedding so I could give him a chance, I could not. He attempted to kiss my lips still, I did not allow it.

Our wedding day arrived and I tied the knot at the church. On our way to the reception, I stopped by a private garden for an official photoshoot. My husband left for the reception and asked his best man to stay.

While the both of us were alone, he grabbed my waist and kissed my lips passionately. He confessed that he should be the one I decided to marry. I kissed him back and in other places. I divorced Peter a week later and left the country with his best friend.

Note: The pictures are for illustrative purposes.

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