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3 Things Your Woman Wants from You in the Relationship

We haven't been giving much attention to the things that women want lately, it seems we've been preoccupied with several other areas of life that we assume to be much more important than addressing the needs of women and making attempts to meet those needs. This goes particularly to the men, those who promised their woman that they would be there for her both in good and bad times, but don't seem to give much priority to the things that these women want.

I've been able to study several relationships that didn't last long, and I've been able to pinpoint some of the things that cut the lifespan of the relationship short and the most prominent cause, is the fact that men don't usually take time to find out what their woman wants, so they end up not being able to satisfy their woman. It's with this understanding that I've written this article, to enlighten you on what the needs of women are, the things they would want you to do for them and the kind of surprises that they would love from you, all combined in this piece.

In this article, I will be showing you three things your woman wants from you.

1. Constant communication

This is the first thing that your woman wants from you, she wants you to constantly communicate with her on everything going on in your life, with your work and even your friends, and since she's your partner, she's not supposed to ask you before you tell her all of these things. Communication is the foundation of every successful relationship, and if you want your relationship to last longer, you need to buy into this idea of constant communication.

2. Affection

This is another thing that your woman wants from you, she wants you to show her affection, she wants to know that you care about her, and wants you to express it. There are various ways you can express affection, it could be by word of affirmation, or appreciation and admiration and you could express it physically by spending some intimate time with her frequently.

3. Attention

Your woman also wants attention from you, she wants you to give her your undivided attention, most especially whenever you are with her, you need to ensure that you focus only on her and you don't bring any other thing to that moment, not even your work.

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