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The Right Dynamics For A Successful Relationship

Every human being has the power of choice, but choice is something that can be influenced. We all have different reasons for doing the things we do. Some of us were inspired, some of us were forced to do things based on the situation of things. There is no man on this Earth, who can boldly say that his choices were totally his. Yes, you made the choice but you were also influenced to make that choice. It matters that it is the right choice for you and others.

The Need To Respect People And People's Opinions

Every human being has separate and distinct qualities, which defines them. If for any reason we decide to destroy or take away their personality, we will create chaos not just for them, but for ourselves and the society.

The world is regarded as a beautiful place because of the diversities that we have, and each diversity adds a unique flavor to our existence. The truth is, no matter how hard you work, you cannot please everyone and since you cannot please everyone, work on the little things that make you happy.

Our personal choices in life should be respected, as long as it does not step on the foot or crosses boundaries with another.

Our Choices are like flames, which can be constructive to personal, family and nation building, or it can be a destructive form, which crumbles everything that we have worked so hard to build.

So if for any reason you discover, that a person's choices are going to affect you negatively, that the choice they are about to make will be a destructive one, I advice you build your walls up high enough. So, that when the repercussion of their choice comes upon them, it affects them and them alone. Do not be arrested by the police because your friend is a criminal, you tell them you are not a criminal, they ask how are you his friend. A popular proverb says show me your friends and I will tell you, who you are. If you do not build your walls high, you will have unwanted things creeping into your life, things that will spoil your vine, that will ruin your life, that will eat you up slowly. So, anything that must come into your life, must come into your life following due protocol.

Bad Influence Vs Good Influence

The world today is suffering because no one wishes to submit to proper guidance and counselling. We always want to do things the way we know best but we forget that the reason why others exist is to make up for our own lapses, to compliment our inabilities.

We have been deceived heavily, we know that if a man decides to follow his heart in life and becomes successful in his purpose, we tend to think all there is in life is just to follow our hearts. So people came and started announcing follow your heart, don't care what others think about you, pursue your passion😂. Seriously, atimes I laugh so deep you might even get pissed. I laugh because thesame people that said follow your heart came and added you need to also use your head😂. Then they came again and said "God is in control of everyman's destiny"😂. Seriously when they saw how terrible the society became due to everyone following their heart, they knew they have really done something stupid.

Follow Your Heart, what if your heart tells you to steal, to become a commercial sex worker, to partake in injustice, to kill because of money. Most marriages have been destroyed because of lack of restraint. Everybody wants to follow their heart. Their lust for something new is just at the top of the list. We must understand the weight of our actions before we take them, we must weigh the reason why we want to do certain things before we do them. The reason why we have so many failures today, is "follow your heart". All those that have lost their lives due to follow your heart can tell you in the after life. We should not forget the principle of Right Believing. You can believe a lie and end up dying. Also, Believing is a function of the heart, so if we believe wrong, our hearts will definitely lead us wrong. Therefore, go and understand the principle of Right Believing, then start applying to your life first, before you even start talking about following your heart😂. If not, life will be waiting to shock you when you don't understand why you do a thing. Hence, believe what is right first, don't confuse things or complicate things. Just believe the right thing, and your heart will make you have the right things.

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