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Here are 6 Important things in every relationship

For a relationship to work, there are certain things that must exist in that relationship. Lots of people today are making the mistake of destroying their relationships all in the name of taking it to the next level. Most of these people do this without knowing.

However, You don't force or rush a relationship. A perfect relationship takes time to build. 

In the post, I will be talking about six important things in a relationship.

1 Love/Attraction; You may wonder why i mentioned attraction, but the truth is that, there is no love without attraction. If you truly love a person, it simply means you are attracted to that person.

Love/attraction is known as one of the most important thing in every relationship. In a relationship, you take your time to identify what you feel for your partner, whether it's love, lust or mere attraction. Love is can make you to be deeply attracted to a person, but being attracted to a person does not mean you truly love that person. It can sometimes be lust. You might be attracted to only a person's body, which means you lust over that person not love. 

However, what am trying to say is that making out time to identify what you feel for your partner is very important. You have to take time to build love.

2. Trust; Trust is known as another important thing in every relationship. For your relationship to progress and move forward, you need to build trust and understanding with your partner. It is indeed hard to fully trust a person, but you have to.

However, before you do this, you have to get to know your partner very well and take your time to build that trust between yourselves. Trust is very important, as it can help you to fully understand and confined in your partner. It can help you believe in your partner regardless of what people say. Another thing we should know is that one key to a happy home is trust.

3. Forgiveness; We are all humans and we are bound to make mistake. This is one thing people need to understand. No matter what, in every relationship there must be ups and down, there must be troubles that will arise to destroy you and there will be temptations, but to be able to overcome all these, you have to learn to understand and forgive your partner.

You see, some people who pray for a happy home and long lasting relationship always wonder how some marriage last, but the bitter truth is that we pray for the strength to overcome, forgive and tolerate things that will come our way not just a happy home. No home is fully happy or perfect, but the thing is that we learn to tolerate and forgive in order to build that happy home.

4. Tolerance/patience; Another important thing in every relationship is the ability to tolerate and be patient.

To build a healthy relationship, you have to learn to tolerate your partner and also learn to be patient with him or her. 

5 Attention; Every relationship needs attention. For your relationship to work, you have to learn to make out time to build that relationship no matter what.

Both men and women want their partner to give them all the necessary attention they need. If you give your partner attention, he or she will feel like you are interested in that relationship. Therefore, you have to make your partner your priority.

6. Sacrifices; A lot of people today has sacrificed a lot in order to build their relationship.

Therefore, if you are in a relationship and you claim to love your partner, you have to sometimes learn to give up somethings in order to make that relationship work.

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