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Two Ways To Turn Around An Unhappy Relationship

An unhappy relationship can be painful and stressful. But if your man or woman is someone you love and cherish, you will want to invest your time and energy in seeing that your relationship worlds.

So what are the simple ways to turn around an unhappy relationship

1. Talk about the happy moments

Talk about the time that you were happy together. The fun moments and the beautiful times you had. Look for ways to replicate such beautiful moments. Know that you don't have to have it all to be happy or to have a happy relationship. The little things matter.

2. Visit a therapist

Why not talk to a therapist about your relationship and see how they can help. They will be able to suggest fun things you both can do together to add spark to your relationship that appears to be losing fire.

Don't let your relationship die in silent, speak out and seek help when necessary.

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