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As A Lady, Here Are 5 Things You Should Never Do For A Man You Are Not Married To

When you're in love, you'll do things you'd never think of doing, things you shouldn't even be doing. People who are in love do things without thinking, without giving a second thought to what others might say.

When women fall in love with a man, they like to let loose and do a lot of things without worrying about the future. Ladies lose their dignity and do everything for the man because they believe he loves them and wants to marry them.

A woman should always respect herself, understand her worth as a gem, and resist the temptation to get taken away by love. There are a few things you should never do for a man who has yet to marry you while you are still dating him.

1. Never pack your belongings to live with a man you haven't married;

Most women like doing this act, leaving their homes to live with a man who has not yet paid their bride price or presented them to his parents. They do it to show the man that they adore him or because the man has vowed to marry them.

Women must learn to respect themselves for a man to appreciate them. Stay on your own; you can visit and return, but don't live with a man you haven't married since he could abandon you and marry someone else.

2. Don't ever get pregnant for him

This is a common mistake that women make and later regret: they feel that being pregnant for a man will keep him and force him to marry them. This has resulted in a large number of baby mamas and single mothers in the world, all because they believed that pregnancy could keep a guy.

A man who wishes to be kept will be kept; you do not need to hold him, hostage, by becoming pregnant for him; he can still abandon you and your child.

3. Don't ever have an abortion because of him

You should keep your baby and live than get an abortion because of a man and die since after you die, he will marry someone else. When you have an abortion, many things can happen to you, including the loss of your life and your womb. Do you believe the man will marry you if he discovers you are unable to bear children for him? Do you think he would dump you and marry someone else?

4. Don't go to his house and turn yourself into a maid;

Some women believe that going to a man's house and cleaning it from top to bottom, as well as washing all of his clothes and dishes, will convince him to marry them. If you want to impress a man, don't turn yourself into a house helper. You can do small things, but that doesn't mean you should go there every day to clean and cook for his friends.

5. Finally, don't quit your job because he promised to look after you once he marries you. This is another thing that many women regret doing because their husbands would no longer allow them to work once they marry, and they will have to rely on their spouse for everything.

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