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5 Qualities of Emotionally Immature Partners and How to Avoid Them

A strong and healthy relationship is only possible if the person you are building it with is emotionally mature. In case your partner is not mature emotionally, you may have to struggle to maintain your relationship and make it work. Emotional maturity is simply the ability of someone to handle a situation without any problem. Such a person will not be looking for faults from the other person but look for a way to solve the problem or behaviour. An emotionally immature person will, on the other hand blame the other person for every single mistake. 

There are some common traits that all emotionally immature people possess. Once you know about these traits and you know how to fix the problems, you will be able to build your relationship without any issue. These traits include - 

1. The use of Passive-Aggressive Communication

Every emotionally immature partner communicate aggressively with their partner. If two partners are always communicating differently, there will always be problem. A relationship will be damaged if one partner is always assertive while the other partner always uses passive-aggressive communication. 

How to avoid this

To get rid of this problem, always avoid using passive-aggressive behaviour but choose assertive communication instead. Try to express your ideas in a respective, honest and direct manner. This will help to improve your relationship. 

2. They find it difficult to apologise 

Partner who are not mature emotionally always have problems with apology. They will rather blame you than to apologise to you. If someone find it difficult to apologise, they are not matured emotionally. 

How to avoid this

Whenever a conflict arises between you and your partner, there are some questions that should pop into your mind - if it were me, would I have done better? Would I have behaved better than this at my very best? An emotionally mature and confident partner is the one who can ask himself or herself questions, recognize their mistakes, and apologize.

3. They Tend to hurt their partners with words 

An emotionally immature partner find every hurtful word to say to a situation. Imagine a lady telling his partner to grow up and stop letting his mother does everything for him! That's hurtful and it makes the lady emotionally immature. 

How to avoid this

We all have words to say but every time you think about the damages it will do to your relationship, avoid saying it. You can just move out to enjoy fresh air if you feel upset and then allow yourself some time to cool off. 

4. They Are Excessively Jealous

Although we are somehow jealous, no matter how small, but an emotionally immature partner will be heavily jealous of every little thing. Being jealous a little does not make you insecure or immature but having a continuous feeling of intense jealousy does make you immature. 

How to avoid this

To get rid of this, you need to work on your self-confidence. Trust your partner as you trust yourself and always have it in mind that they have their reason of being with you. Avoid being jealous of every little thing especially whenever your partner gives you a clear reason not to be jealous.

5. They Expect to Be their partner's priority 

If your partner always wants to be first in your life, they are emotionally immature. It is not a bad idea to make your partner your priority as it is for the betterment of the relationship. However, there will be problems if you are trying to be your partner’s priority. 

How to avoid this

Please note that a little time apart is essential for the growth of your relationship. Learn to let go of your partner especially if he'll like to have time with his family and friends. If you are doing this without being jealous or upset, you are showing some emotional maturity and confidence. On the other hand, your partner will be happy to have you in their life. 

Do you have anything to add to this list? Please share with us and let's learn from your experience.

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