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It Is Not True That A Woman Who Sleeps Around With Men Would Not Enjoy S£x Anymore - Blessing CEO

There are certain situations whereby men claim that it is difficult to satisfy a woman sexually if she is known for sleeping around with different men. Many would also argue that a woman who doesn’t have respect for her body by keeping herself would not respect her husband in marriage.

Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has given a contrary view as she stated that it is not true that a woman who sleeps around with men would not enjoy s€x anymore. According to Okoro Blessing, such statement are only made by men who can’t satisfy their women in bed and would prefer to blame them instead of themselves.

Blessing CEO in a video she posted on YouTube said;

”Fidelity has nothing to do with love; it has more to do with self-care. Be faithful to yourself and not to a man. It is a lie that a woman who sleeps around won’t enjoy s€x anymore. A man who is not good in bed is not good and a lot of men are like that. If you sleep with 50 men who are good in bed, you are going to enjoy those 50 men.

It’s because these men can’t satisfy a woman in bed that they blame her for sleeping around. Many women who sleep around for money don’t enjoy s€x anymore because their minds are not there. They are only focused on the money they will collect.

Some married women enjoy s€x with other small boys than their husbands because they are more connected to them. A lot of men also enjoy sleeping with their side chicks more than their wives because they are distracted at home with a lot of bills and responsibilities.”

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