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Opinion : Why Some Men Do Shed "Tears Of Joy" On Their Wedding Day.

Yesterday, there was a viral picture of an unidentified groom that was crying uncontrollably during his wedding program on social media, which made people to react and questioned why he should break down publicly like that.

Photo Credit: Linda Ikeji's Blog

Photo credit: Linda Ikeji's Blog

 For some men, their wedding day seems to be an emotional day to reflect on so many things, and this made some of them to have mixed feelings.

Usually, it is the bride that gets so emotional as she is being eulogized and prayed for by the Parents, but we see instances where the groom shed uncontrollable tears as well.

Is this a sign of weakness for the groom?

No, it is not. We are different individuals, and we handle our emotion differently.

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Source: Google

Most men know how to bottle up their emotions and "man up" no matter what, while some cannot get hold of themselves in instances like this.

Some groom on sighting their bride and seeing how beautiful she appears burst into tears to express how delighted they are to see the woman they will spend the rest of their life with.

Photo credit: Bored Panda

Source: Google

For others, it may be that they wish that their parents who could have the opportunity to witness their happy day, but sadly, they are no more and this gets them teary.

Photo credit: Clive Blair Photography

Source: Google

Though a saying goes that "real men don't cry", this does not apply to all the men as some are so emotional, and they express their joy or sadness by crying.

Men are considered as superior being and stronger that the female folk, still there is no crime in expressing how they feel in whatever way they want at a particular time.

Photo credit: Clive Blair Photography

Source: Google


I will round up this article by saying that for a man to cry on his wedding day is not a display of weakness, compared to other men that will prefer to go behind closed doors and cry, rather than letting out their emotions publicly.

 Photo Credit: Clive Blair Photography

Source: Google

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