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Divorce Affair

5 Strange Excuses For Divorce

Check out theses ridiculous reasons for divorce...

1.Possesed by the Devil

Am Italian man filed for divorce in 2017 based on the fact that his wife was on accordance of being possessed by devil. According to the man, he claims that this strange activities has been on for years and most time, instead of washing dishes in the kitchen, she will decide to go for her devil thing.

2.Beacuse his Penis was too big

In 2015, A Nigerian woman filed for divorce after sleeping with her husband for the first time after they had gotten married. She described the experience as a "Nightmare". She tried multiple times but find it hard to face and a court granted her divorce. The funniest part of the story is that the endowed man never deny it.

3.Because he never texted back

In Taiwan, a woman filed for divorce cos her husband never replied messages. She said she even contacted him that she was in a hospital and still nada. Therefore, based on this issue,she divorced.

4.Because he was going to vote for Trump

According to,they believed this is a sound reason and why would the woman even waste courts time. Apparently, not a fan of Trump.

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