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Three Medical Conditions That Always Cause The Male Organ To Itch

As a man it should be your top priority to keep your male organ healthy and clean always. This can be achieved by adopting sanitary habits to keep your male organ clean. You can also keep your male organ free from diseases by using protection during intimacy. However, when you fail to these it can lead to discomfort in form of itch around the male organ.

Itching around the male organ is not a critical health condition. However, it can be very uncomfortable and disrupt your daily activities. Here are some medical conditions that often cause itch male organ.

1.      Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection. It is transmitted by unsafe and unprotected intimate activities. One of the common symptoms of gonorrhea is itch male organ. Other symptoms of gonorrhea include pain and burning in sensation during urination and discharge from the male organ. Gonorrhea can easily be treated with the correct medication and proper care should be taken to prevent reinfection.

2.      Balanitis

This is a medical condition that causes the male organ to become inflamed. It is often caused by poor hygiene. Uncircumcised men have higher risk of balanitis compared to men who are circumcised. Balanitis causes itching of the male organ, painful urination and rashes on the male organ. It can easily be treated by adopting proper hygiene practices and by using prescribed medication.

3.      Yeast infection

Yeast infection is common amongst women; however even men suffer from yeast infection. It causes itching and discomfort around the male organ.

Other medical conditions that cause itching of the male organ include;

4.      Allergy to protection used during intimacy

5.      Genital herpes

6.      Chlamydia

7.      Lichen nitidus

8.      Scabies

9.      Dermatitis

10.  Urethritis

To keep your male organ healthy, ensure that you practice hygiene and that you use protection whenever you want to get intimate.

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