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Messages To Make Him or Her Blush

When you love someone you really want to show them. And when the emotions are really strong and you show him how much you love him, you're going to make him blush.

It's only natural to blush when someone shows their love for you . This is one of the best signs of knowing when someone loves you, especially if that person is shy.

To help you make your boyfriend or girlfriend blush, here is a selection of messages you can send them. These SMS will touch him straight to the heart and make him grow his emotions for you.

Messages to make a man fall in love.

Men are really easy to blush. Behind their air of big hard there are in fact only tender beings. It's especially easy to make a shy man blush.

  • If I found you really cute today would you want me to tell you or keep it a secret?
  • I wanna let you know that I've been thinking about you all day and I don't want to stop.
  • I feel like I won the lottery jackpot with you. I love you
  • You are my star, my galaxy, my universe. I could never exist without you.
  • When I am sad I think of you and I immediately find a smile.
  • I'm lucky to have you as a soul mate. You are perfect for me.
  • You make me smile even when you're not near me. You are a magician.
  • You are a true gentleman, you know exactly what makes me happy.
  • I would never have doubts about you, our relationship is so pure.
  • I have never loved someone so much as you.

For your woman.

The easiest way to make a woman blush is to give her a sincere and honest compliment that will surprise her. 

Forget the simple “You are beautiful today”, try something more advanced, which will surprise her, touch her and therefore make her blush.

  • When I'm with you, all my fears go away. You give me confidence in myself and I love you for that.
  • Every time I go to bed, I say a prayer that I can still spend time with you the next day.
  • This SMS is a message full of feelings. You are a wonderful girl and I am lucky to know you.
  • Hello , do you know you're the prettiest girl in high school? Signed a guy who admires you
  • Between you and me I can't lie to you. You are a remarkable woman.
  • I wish you were by my side right now. I'll give you lots of loves.
  • You are a great person, never change.
  • Make me a promise that you'll never change, you're perfect the way you are.
  • I will never forget the day of our first kiss. I would like to relive that moment over and over again.
  • I think you were crazy in class today. You are a true top model.

For your friends.

It's not just your boyfriend or girlfriend who can make you blush or fall in love. You can also blush when you receive a compliment from a friend. 

But hey, maybe if you're trying to make your friend blush, it's because you have romantic feelings for him. If so, send him a message to let him know!

This type of messages are also great for breaking the ice. Maybe you've been friends for too long and actually really want to be in a relationship with your friend. If so, a message to make him blush and tell him how you feel is a good first step.

  • Since the first day we know each other, I find you wonderful.
  • I would never have believed 2 years ago that you would make my head spin so much. I fell in love with you.
  • Even if we're just a friend, I can never forget you, I think you love yourself too much for that.
  • I'm falling for it, I need to confess everything to you. I love you, and more than a friend.
  • You're not just a friend to me, you're the man I want to spend my life with.
  • Please don't judge me. But I would like you to say these three words: I love you.
  • You are the most handsome man I know, and I want more than just friendship between us.
  • It is not possible that I love you more than I love you now. But I would like to try.
  • At night I dream of you, by day I dream of you. You drive me crazy… in love.
  • Please open your eyes and try to see that I love you too much. I don't want to be your friend anymore, I want to be your wife.

Content created and supplied by: FayemiAyo (via Opera News )


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