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After 2 Years of Marriage, My wife Dumped me for Another Guy - Man Cries Online

Divorce and heartbreaks have been the order of the day in recent times. Many homes have torn apart for some flimsy reasons which was perhaps neglected during courtship, not knowing that sometimes, those little mistakes or neglects come haunting them later in the marriage.

Being in a relationship is advisable before marriage as it unveils some certain characters in your partner which you may make or mar you relationship especially your sexual lives. No matter how you may take it, being sure of your sexual lives matters a lot before marriage as it has destroyed many marriages in the past.

A man with the twitter name @DMlamla cries online on how his wife of 7 years relationship, and 2 years marriage left him for another man.

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While in a relationship, never you allow your emotions becloud your sense of reasoning. Inasmuch as people can hide their true character for how long they so desire to, I believe that when you stay with someone in a particular place for up to a month, there's high possibility that there will be a tip of the iceberg on his or her real character. Nothing is entirely new in your partner's character while in marriage except that you choose to ignore it during your relationship days perhaps, because of your love for each other instead of dealing with it.

Before you get married, learn whom your partner is meticulously, point out any character you aren't comfortable with and try to deal with it and tolerate because there's a certain point it will get to, your tolerance level will be overboard.

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