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How A Man Can Win The Heart Of A Financially Independent Single Lady

Winning the heart of a mature single lady who has her hard earned money to spend any day, anytime and anyhow she deems fit is not always an easy thing for most single men to achieve, considering the fact that she won't be easily enticed by what money and what money can buy, because she can afford those things by herself. In fact, it takes a lot of courage and boldness for some men to make the step of walking up to a financially independent lady because of the fear of being outrightly rejected.

Truth be told, without mincing words, the only way some men know how to win the heart of ladies is through provision of their material and financial needs, since such spending will be interpreted as care by some ladies.

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Nevertheless, after reading this content, you will realize how simple and easy it is to win over the heart of a well-to-do financially single ladies. It is not as cumbersome as you may think. Among other things, attempt the following:

1. Build a good foundation of friendship with her. One sure way you can find your way into the life of the said ladies is by being friends with them first. During this friendship, do away with relationship and love talks. Your focus should be on how to build a reliable foundation of friendship with her. You can be a part of her plans through the friendship.

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2. Earn her trust. Trust is not earned on a platter of gold. It is through trustworthy actions that trust can be established. Your sincerity and transparency are needed. Don't forget that she may have been deceived and betrayed by men in the past, otherwise, she won't still be single. You need to prove to her that you are different. In that way, she will learn how to trust and give you a chance in the future for a long lasting relationship.

3. Avoid making lovemaking moves on her. One of the last things you should do if she decides to give you a chance for a relationship is to make lovemaking advances at her or bring up discussions that are related to it. Trying very hard to make out with her will make her feel that you are just after her body. That alone can make her stop trusting you.

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4. Avoid making financial requests from her. Most financially independent single ladies get turned off by any trace of "gold digging" displays from any man coming close to them for a relationship. No matter your financial status (whether she is wealthier than you or not), resist the urge of making financial demands from her, because she may feel that you are only coming into her life because you are after her money.

5. Buy her gifts. One reliable way of buying the love of a single lady who is financially buoyant is by buying gifts for her. It does not mean that she cannot afford the things you will buy for her with her personal money, but that singular act can make her feel loved and cared for by the man in her life. It must not be expensive gifts. No matter how cheap, so long it is given from your heart without ulterior motives, she will appreciate it.

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6. Give her your full time and attention. You need to convince her that you will be there for her at all times if she decides to give you a space in her heart. To achieve that, you need to give her listening ears whenever she needs someone to share her thoughts, feelings, worries, achievements, losses and wins with. Ask her how her day went at the office or business. Initiate conversations with her online and through phone calls. Check on her every now and then.

In addition, if you can afford it, you can also take her out some time and give her a special treat.

If you can constantly do the aforementioned things, it will be an issue of time before you win her over. Remember, consistency and patience are needed to make your desire of having her as your woman come to pass.

What is your take on the points I listed? Do you agree with me? Drop your feedback in the comment box.

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