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Husband and wife relationship

A Lesson To Learn From A Love Doctor Who Said Wives Contract HIV Because They Want To Keep Their Homes

Celebrity Doctor, Joro Olumofin has revealed that Nigerian wives contract HIV because they want to keep their marriages.

The Love Doctor revealed that he deals with a lot of HIV people searching for love. He said it's sad that 70 percent of them were infected by their partners(Mostly husbands).

Also, he said a lot of women contract the infection because of fear of using protection so that they can keep their homes. He advised that wives and ladies should not trust their boyfriends and husbands. If demanding protection will lead to the end of that marriage then so be it.

Joro Olumofin has addressed a big marriage issue and it's up to us to heed to his advice. A lot of women have died due to this and nothing has been said about them because they are not famous. These are the things most women pass through every day just to keep their marriage, knowing that they live with a promiscuous man.


Based on the Doctor's analysis, it's dangerous to live with a promiscuous man. A man who has many sexual partners. If you must remain in the marriage, then you must always protect yourself.

Funnily enough, most men will never tell their wives that they have an infection but still end up sleeping with them.

If your spouse does not agree with your decision to use protection, then it's better to leave the marriage. It's better to be alive than to get killed by something you know nothing about.

From true-life experience, my family member(woman) contracted an infection from her husband. The wife is aware that her husband is promiscuous but she's not aware that he has contracted Staphylococcus but she constantly sleeps with him any time he comes back from work.

Her husband doesn't allow her to use protection and after some weeks, she got diagnosed with the infection. It took her months to get cured of the infection and she had to spend so much money to be in a good health condition.


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