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Opinion: 4 Things You Shouldn't Allow Your Fiancee To Do Before Getting Married

There are lots of do's and Don't when it comes to choose a life a partner. Most men allow their women do a lot of things that they are not suppose to do before marriage. When you are dealing with relationships, you have to be sensitive, little thing could see you Lose the Love of your Life. Below are things you shouldn't allow your Woman do before marriage.

1. Don't allow her to hang out with your friends, as this would be like putting goat amidst lion. Men are flirts they would easily confuse her and Lure her to their bed.

2. She shouldn't go to club without you. It would make her look other men and possibly follow them home. It is very risky to allow your woman go to club alone,especially when you intend marrying her.

3.Don't allow her to be intimate with you. Most ladies tend to Get tired of men easily. This could be really bad as all relationship and marriage need good intimacy to survive.

Content created and supplied by: Bami-Umar (via Opera News )

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