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4 Simple Ways To Make Your Guy Miss You

In every relationship, it feels nice to be wanted or even desired by your partner because it will help you know your importance in your partner's life.

So, if you are trying to spice up your relationship or even trying to get more of his attention, then you are in the right part. Below are 4 Simple Ways To Make Your Guy Miss You.

Here Are 4 Simple Ways To Make Your Guy Miss You.

* Hang Out With Your Friends: It is normal to hang out with your friends sometimes but if you want to make your boyfriend miss you more, then you should learn to hang out with them alot more.

Spend time having fun with your friends than with him, then he will obviously start missing you badly because no man would want to spend a whole day without seeing his girlfriend or even talking to her.

* Go On Weekend Getaways With Him: This is one thing that makes most men miss their woman so much. If you are the type that likes getaways and you usually do it with your partner but you want him to miss you, then you should start going out with your friends.

Go on weekend getaways with your friends and spend less time with your partner, then he would start missing you alot.

* Allow Him To Go Out With His Friends Often: Yes, sometimes men like spending some time with their friends just to cool off their head.

So, if you are a lady and you want to make your partner miss you very much, then you have to advice him to spend more time with his friends, so that you can spend more time with yours, that would obviously make him miss you and it might also make feel bad.

* Don't Be Too Available For Me: This is one thing that is bad in a relationship. No matter how much you love your guy, never be too available for him because that might make him take you for granted.

So, if you truly want to make your partner miss you very much, then you have to play a little bit hard to get, claim to be busy sometimes but not always and spend more time with your friends than him, then he would obviously start missing your presence and your love.

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