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Since I Did This To My Sister's Husband, We Have Not Been In Good Terms [Fiction]

 The third quarter of the year came with the greatest surprise for me. After more than thirty years of sister-hood, my sister and I had a fall out that almost ruined our lives and the lives of those around us.

It was the month of July, my sisters' husband's birth month and the preparations were at the rush hour. 

My sister and her husband were running around arranging stuff, while I was trying to be the best sister-in-law of all time, taking care of the kids.

All was speck and span till I heard them quarrel one day in the kitchen. It was something about her not caring enough to get him a decent gift. 

Now they are well to do, like upper-class citizens, so I was wondering why they'd have such an argument. 

These were people who'd normally have lunch together at five-star hotels for their work breaks.

I decided to be calm about it but, three days to the birthday and they were not even looking at each other, and I knew something had to be done to something to save the situation, or so I thought.

The day before his birthday I had a nice letter sent to him. 

The contents were quite P.G but I innocently thought that was just me being creative, after all, I had to make it seem like it was from his wife.

Though a good part of the letter was from my infatuation over him and the fact that I had a huge crush on him since the day I had met him

The letter got to him and from my sources at his office, he was all smiles and even let his staff have an early break.

The next day arrived and the party went underway. My sister and husband still weren't talking but I knew that it was just a matter of time. 

Later that night I heard them arguing. My mind was in disarray, was my gift not working, or was that just a ruse?

Soon my sister came to where I was, arranging the dishes, and began to rain abuses on me, calling me a homewrecker. 

I hurriedly explained the motives behind my actions but my sister was having none of it, she even went to the extent of calling our parents. 

I was genuinely heartbroken and holding on to what remained of my integrity I left.

A few days later I got a call from her husband thanking me for my thoughtfulness and how I'd made his day. 

I thanked him in return and implored that he help me explain things to his wife. He agreed to that but, something he said got me worried

He said he'd like to see me in his office that day, talking about how he'd "...blind from the start...better heart than your senior sister"

Please I'm confused and scared. I don't know what to do

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