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Pregnancy period

Dear Men, Here Are 8 Things You Should Avoid Doing To Your Wife When She Is Pregnant

It is a thing of joy and celebration if a woman takes in but that joy will only be complete if she delivers her baby successfully. Research has shown that aside from lifestyle habits, the type of emotional support and care a woman receives especially from her man goes a long way to help her during pregnancy. A man is supposed to be the head of the household and even when his spouse is pregnant, he ought to be in charge of managing her actions.

The period of pregnancy is a very refined stage and each female at this factor wants to be pampered. Being pregnant is clearly no longer a convenient venture and a woman desires the help of her husband at this stage more than ever before. It comes with a complete lot of stress and accountability to the girl involved. That is why all men need to be careful on how they handle their women during this stage of their life. 

Some of the things you should avoid doing to your wife when she is pregnant include; 

1. Beating her up.

Some guys make the mistake of beating up their wife when she is heavily pregnant. Doing this can affect the baby in the womb and even the woman. Never beat a pregnant woman, no matter the level of her offence or how annoyed you are

2. Allowing her to stay up late.

The period of pregnancy is the stage where every woman needs a lot of rest. A lady who is expecting a child should go to bed early every night, it shouldn't exceed 9pm because she needs a lot of rest and quality sleep.

3. Shouting or yelling at her.

So many men do this but it is bad. A female who is carrying an infant in her womb has to no longer be shouted at, this ought to have an effect on her and the toddler in a poor way.

4. Allowing her to go out on her own.

Never let your pregnant wife go out of the house on her own, particularly when she Is heavenly pregnant because she can go into labour at any time. Even if you cannot be by her side all the time, keep her under someone's watch. 

5. Leaving her to do all the house chores.

A pregnant lady is supposed to be pampered and spoiled like a little child and not the other way round. Don't make the mistake of letting her do hard house chores. So many men make this mistake but this is wrong. 

6. Allowing her to drink and smoke.

Even if she is addicted to this, it is very important you stand as a man and stop your wife from doing this. Never allow your pregnant wife to drink or smoke. It is highly dangerous for her health and could put her and the baby at risk.

7. Comparing her to other ladies.

Its very bad to compare a lady to other women and its even worse when she is pregnant. It could break and shatter her heart into pieces. This can also cause a lot of emotional trauma for a woman which is dangerous especially during pregnancy. 

8. Allowing her to sleep on an empty stomach.

Food is one of the primary responsibilities of any man. Sleeping on an empty stomach might be ok to normal people but not for pregnant women. It is very dangerous for their health. Never allow your wife to do this. 

All men should adhere to the tips of this article. 

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