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Steps in Overcoming Despair!

Life Is a challenge, there is no one that came to this life and didn't face struggles. Do you feel this life is not worth it? Are you sad? Are you suicidal? I hope this piece of writing might help you.

My father use to tell me; if you are going through hell, keep going! Life can hurt sometimes, life can disappoint, but I promise you it's only for a while. I know you might have heard all what i'm saying countless times that things will get better and maybe you are tired of hearing, or maybe you take it as a compliment. But I tell you it truly gonna get better. Man is prone to make mistakes, great men have. God who created us, has given us the capability to overcome any situation that might come our way. Yes! So that means you'll be fine. Trust me. So why don't you take a breath, rise up, go to the world, get lost, imagine yourself as a great person, because that is what you are, or at least what you will be. Do something you've not done before, you can start from anywhere. It's never too late.

Is all hopes lost, or do you have just little hope left, let me tell you this, life is filled with new opportunities day by day, there is always a new great song that might come out and you'll be eager to hear tommorow. Do things you haven't done before, trust in the Lord, tell him what you need. Don't give up! You can still chase your dreams in a certain way, you just be good, think of new ideas, they will come. Trust me! Trust on God. Be happy don't get sad. A journey of a thousand miles begin from a footstep, your journey begins from you being happy, begins from you having hope, begins from you rising up.

Tomorrow is a new day, why don't you begin tomorrow as a new journey.

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